Feb 3, 2011

Top 10 Posts for the Tiger Year

Most bloggers will post an entry listing their top 10 popular blog posts on New Year's Day, recapping the calendar year before. I shall be unconventional, and recap on the lunar year before then. Hurhurhur...

First, Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!
Today, we usher in the Rabbit Year! :D I am sure this year will be a much better one than last year.

And.. there you go, my first attempt at fishing out the top 10 blog posts based on popularity.

1. Japanese Language Made Simplier *NEW*
My first entry on the series to share some basic grammar structures in Japanese language. This introduction touches on the 3 systems of Japanese characters: Hiragana, Katagana and Kanji.

2. Digital Lomo Camera? Yashica EZ F521
My first attempt on translating a camera review post from Japanese to English. Probably I should consider translating other models too...

3. 台北走透透
A travel review on my trip in Taipei. I miss my 平溪 railway trip terribly! :D

4. Life-size Gundam
Sharing on my day-trip to Higashi-Shizuoka to see the famed Gundam statue.

5. In Love with Hipstamatic
A pledge of love to my most favourite iPhone photography application. It is by far, still the only application I am willing to pay for.

6. How do I prepare for the JET interview?
This is part of my JET journey to document the entire process, from preparing the paperwork for application to the actual move to Japan and teach here (I'm still in Japan now). Hope it is useful to other aspiring JETs!

7. Exploring the Small but Beautiful... Punggol Beach
Probably one of the smallest beaches that Singapore has, and also one that I visited the most last year.

8. Snap Snap Excursion to Hidden Corners of Singapore
Exploring some obscure but beautiful corners of Singapore. A wonderful break from the usual 钢铁水泥 aka city life.

9. I'm on L-Plate
Sharing on the different stickers for drivers in Japan, with focus on the L-Plate symbol. By the way, Japan has just updated the symbol for elderly drivers as of yesterday.

10. I have a FRACTURE?! in my right wrist?!
This made it to top 10?! Thank you, all my family and friends, for your concern! I am now fully recovered, and able to type with both hands. Hopefully *crossed fingers tightly* this is the first and the last fracture.

And wow... I am pretty amazed at the wide spectrum of topics I have blogged on. :P Guess, I am a pretty random lifestyle blogger. :P

Mmm... I will probably do a "Top 10" just for the period I am in Japan, to sieve out the top 10 most read Japan related entries, since all the time while I am here, I have been blogging about Japan non-stop. :P