Jan 12, 2009

Photography Trip

Pretty satisfied with the pictures I've taken on the 2 photo trips over this weekend :)

Here're are some sneaks:


Happy 牛 year!

Colourful windmills.. reminds me of life.

Luckily this turn out pretty well. This is the only shot! After taking this shot, we were scolded by the Ah-Pek, only then did we realise, there's a sign "No photography" hang at the top of the shop. After that, we were very careful to check for signs before taking any pictures.

Mmm.. go 花市 for photoshoot the next round?

Ann Siang Hill

I liked this place a lot! It gives me a lot of feel... as I was taking the pictures, I could feel the mood it was expressing. Loved how the pictures turned out.

This is my first photo... the start of the Ann Siang journey.

Both of us took photographs of the same door, yet the mood turned out quite different. Interesting!

Kampong Buangkok

This is my 2nd time there. The first one was years back, and wasn't well prepared for the trip, no camera, no insect repellent. :P

This time round, it's different. The visit was triggered by a New York Times article and organised by a group of plurkers , and viola, I joined the trip as well.

It's kinda of sad to know that the last kampong will disappear from Singapore. I'm a "flat" kid, and lived in flats all my life (well, up till now) and I could only imagine how much fun a kampong life would be- catching spiders, climbing trees, playing hopscotch in sandy patches, feeding chickens, etc. In future, kids in Singapore could only read from books I guess. Wonder if the ones in Pulau Ubin are still in existence?


P.S: Check out the full album of the weekend shoots . Do give me some feedback. Hope to improve on my shoots. :)