Mar 15, 2010

Digital Lomo Camera? Yashica EZ F521

There's a new camera released in Japan. At a glance, it looks like a digital lomo camera... but is it?

Here's a brief translation of the actual article.

Combining the technologies of both film and digital camera, it is equipped with a view finder and LCD screen. This 5.04 mega pixel digital camera revives the dearly missed trademark of film cameras- turning (literally) of the lens from standard shooting mode to macro shooting mode.

In all, it has 4 types of shooting mode for still pictures:
  • normal
  • flash
  • macro
  • continuous
You can also apply effects to your pictures- while taking or during playback.
The 7 colour modes you can use while taking pictures:
  • normal
  • sepia
  • black and white
  • negative
  • bluish tint
  • reddish tint
  • greenish tint
For post process, you can choose from 12 colour modes (including the 7 above). You can mix and match these 12 colour modes to create your ideal picture.

In summary:
  • 5.04mega pixel
  • 32MB memory
  • Uses SD card
  • images are saved as JPEG Exif 2.1
  • videos are saved as avi
  • 4X Zoom
  • ISO- auto
  • White balance (normal, sunny, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent)
  • (W)110mm×(H)66mm (D)48mm
  • 125g (without batteries)
Mmm... it's not exactly the lomo-digital camera that lomo photography enthusiasts are looking for, but I guess it's a great step forward already. With Japanese technology, the dream of owning a lomo-digital camera shouldn't be far-off. Meanwhile, I am quite contented with Hipstamatic iPhone application for lomo-pseudo pictures :)