Jul 30, 2011

Little Korea in Osaka

Yes, I finally made a trip to Osaka! Osaka always had a special place in my heart, as I met my first helpful Japanese there when I lost my train ticket. ;)

Capturing Osaka Castle and its reflection in the early morning ;)

If you are like me, and took the night bus to Osaka, do visit the Osaka Castle as your first stop. Candy and I really enjoyed our morning photoshoot at Osaka. And Candy wasn't even that interested in photography in the first place! Besides, not a lot of places are open at 6am anyway. ;P

And to the main theme!

Do you know there is a Little Korea in Osaka? It is called Ikuno Korea Town.

Though the website/ pdf map, says it is just a 10 minutes walk from 鶴橋駅, it really feels like a 20 minutes walk. :P

Once again, lucky us, met a very nice Korean obasan (auntie in sg terms) who kindly brought us there, despite our lack of communications. She doesn't speak much Japanese, and we don't know Korean. :P She's so nice! She even went to ask directions from another Korean, and brought us there, as she is unable to tell me how to get there. There, you see, Osaka people are so nice!

Finally we reached the Ikuno Korea Town. But I was a little disappointed though. It is a bit small. Just a street with Korean shops on both sides.

But 麻雀虽小,五脏具全, there are all kinds of Korean shops there- food, groceries, facial products, idol goods, CDs, DVDs, restaurants, and even a bridal shop. Serious!

My Korean lunch at 班家食工房 wasn't that fantastic though. Candy assured me that authentic Korean food is much better. Yup, I thought so too. I missed Togi so much! I think Togi tastes much better than the lunch. Likely, it is because we picked the wrong restaurant.

It reminded me of my lunch experience in Yokohama Chinatown too.

Heard that there is a Little Korea in Tokyo too. Hope to visit it one day. Maybe not this JET year though.