Jul 25, 2011

What happens when the garbage collection days are over?

This is my current challenge. How to keep my apartment sparkling clean, free from all garbage for the new owners of my home, and also for the impending apartment check, which... very cleverly is set after all garbage collection dates are over.

Maybe, I need to explain the context to my Singaporean readers, as you may be wondering what's the big fuss over it. I can easily just packed in a big trash bag and throw at the local rubbish collection point, no?

Yeah, no. I can't. Japan is not like Singapore, discarding garbage is not so straightforward, unfortunately. ;(

  • To throw burnables, I can can only throw on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • To throw plastics, I can only throw twice a month.
  • To throw other refuse, I can only throw once a month.
  • To throw big refuse, I need to call someone. Umm.. maybe the local city office, or the recycle mart. Luckily, I do not need to do that! *victory sign*

So, back to the schedule. My last plastics day is over. My etc refuse day is tomorrow, and the last burnables collection day is this Friday.

I am staying till this Sunday, so I consider how to dispose the garbage accumulated after I left.

Here's a brainstorm:

The easiest option is, of course, ask my neighbors for help! But I really would like to keep them as the last option, instead of dumping all my trash on them, since they are really nice to me.

Discreetly, throw at the burnables bins at convenience stores, train stations and huge department stores. Shh...

This is a very complicated issue. Plastics are divided into:
  1. Pet bottles
  2. Clear plastic and styrofoam plates (from groceries)
  3. Bottle caps
  4. Plastic bags

For items 1 to 3, I can dispose them at the supermarket. But the last item, plastic bags... I do not know how to dispose them otherwise. (>_<)

Cans, Glasses
Since I am moving, I have to get rid of all remaining sauces, etc, so I will have quite a number of glass items. Luckily, my supermarket and department stores do collect these.

Bins near vending machines also collect PET bottles and cans. *hint hint*

Other weird refuse
Example shoes, household items, etc, other than selling them to recycle mart, I do not know how to dispose them after the big trash day too. (>_<)

So, I will be cracking my head over when and how to effectively spring clean and pack, so that I have a way to dispose of my trash after that.

Wish me luck! *keeping fingers crossed*