Jun 19, 2011

How to cancel NHK subscription?

Back to blogging some helpful tips for JETs or any foreigners planning to stay/ work long term in Japan.

Counting down to the last few weeks in Japan, I am now busy with the 'uprooting': packing, discarding, cancellations, farewells etc. And of course, it includes cancellation of NHK subscription of the television fee.

Cancelling is pretty easy.

1. Call 0120-151515 (toll-free) or 050-3786-5003 (9am-9pm for weekdays, 9am-8pm for weekends and Public Holidays).

2. Request to cancel your TV fee. If you are returning to your home country like me, cite 帰国 (kikoku) as the reason. And let them know when you are leaving Japan.

It is best to call NHK at least 1 month before you leave Japan.

3. NHK will send a cancellation form and the last bill to your address.

4. Fill up the cancellation form. We only need to fill in our name, and the reason why we are terminating and stamp it with our hanko. Mail it back to NHK.

5. Pay the last bill.