Apr 26, 2009

An adventure to the West - Chinese Garden

Yesterday, we went to explore the West part of Singapore - the Chinese Garden.

Take a MRT to Chinese Garden MRT station along the East-West Line. Exit from A, and follow the footpath to the Chinese Garden.

It was a scorching hot day at the gardens! The garden made up of the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden, is really huge! We spent 5 hours in there and yet was unable to cover all of it.

Here are some shots to share:

I like the complexity of the branches.

We saw people reading, romancing, sleeping (refer to picture above :P), jogging, etc. It's nice to have such a huge garden to relax in.

If you want to take reflection pictures, this is the best place, as there's a huge lake and 3 pagodas to climb to take far shots.

And I loved the sunset there. And the sunset rays!

Sunset through the net from 披云阁.

To take a look at the other pictures I've captured in this adventure, check out this facebook album.