Nov 11, 2010

Can I join the club activities at school?

Before asking to join club activities (otherwise known as ECA or CCA in Singapore), you may need to find out if you are already in any clubs. Most of ALTs will be in-charge-of or assisting English Clubs at school. I am assisting my JTE in the English Club, too.

However, this does not mean you cannot explore other clubs, provided that you get the permission from other teachers. There are many unique clubs which are not available in Singapore, such as baseball, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, archery, etc. Hence it is really worth exploring them.

During the summer vacation, before classes start, I had the opportunity to attend one of the training sessions for archery (弓道, kyudou). But too bad, I forgot to charge the camera battery, so there weren't any pictures. And I did not have a chance to try archery as well. (Too shy to ask.)

Really wish to join another session...

Today, I finally found another chance to visit another club activity. This time it is the Tea Ceremony (茶道, sadou) Club. :) And I have a chance to try, too, and from the start-how to fold/ wet the cleaning cloth! But too bad, I had to catch my one and only bus back, so I had to skip the last part, which is the actual ceremony of making real green tea, instead of just practising the actions.

But my students were so sweet, besides guiding the very lost me all the way, they also made a cup of green tea for me, before I leave. :)

It's a bit challenging though to join the non-sports club activities in my school, as they usually clash with my English Club activities. Thus, I can't visit as many other club activities as I like.

Shall update this post again, should I get the chance to visit other clubs. :)