Oct 11, 2010

I have a FRACTURE?! in my right wrist?!

During my Toi weekend getaway to visit Serene, another Singaporean ALT, I accidentally tripped over a step, and by reflex, my stronger hand- the right hand, broke the fall. Momentarily my hand could not feel anything, but after that pain came. And I assumed it was just a sprain.

The next day, Serene brought me to a drugstore to buy wrist guard and スップ. (suppu, adhesive cold bandages to cool down the swelling) We continued with our trip and even had a crazy shopping day at Gotenba.

When I was back, my Japanese neighbour advised me to see a doctor. As today is 体育日 (ironical, isn't it... it is the Health and Sports Day today...), a public holiday, clinics were not opened, so we went to a big hospital instead.

Before setting off, my neighbour had already enquired with the hospital. Hence they were expecting me when I reached.

After filling up some forms, I was given a identification band and sent to the A&E Department.

QQ in QQ department.. 救急 sounds like QQ in Japanese.

It was crowded... altogether we spent 5 hours at the hospital, and I had 2 X-rays and 1 CT scan done, to confirm that my sprain is more serious than it appears to be. It is a slight fracture.

All the while, I couldn't really understand what the doctor was saying when he explained my condition. I was trying to catch the keyword, 捻挫 (nenza, sprain), but he said 骨折 (kossetsu, fracture) instead. =_=" It finally dawned upon me that I had a fracture, when he started wrapping my arm in a cast!

Yah.. so here I am, typing one letter by one letter with my clumsy left hand to blog this entry. Under doctor's orders, not to use my right hand for a week, not even writing.

I really feel bad for my bowling team. They even named the team after me, Team Q. :( I don't think I can bowl on the 25th for the competition. It has to be in cast for another 3 weeks.

Anyway, I am still in the state of disbelief. A day before, I had managed to carry all my luggage and cheap deals from Gotenba, and even rode the bicycle back from the station. But, I am really grateful, that I discovered it early under my neighbour's insistence, else it could be aggravated, looking at how I treat it the day before.

But, now I have to learn how to live with just my left hand. And.. I am a right-hander.. and worse, alone. :X

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