Aug 15, 2010

Life-size Gundam

Took a JR train this weekend to Higashi-Shizuoka station (東静岡駅), to catch the life-size Gundam model. It is situated at the North exit. You wouldn't miss it though, as throngs of people will exit by this exit to catch the Gundam statue.

It was first displayed at Tokyo's Odaiba waterfront area, and was moved to Shizuoka from July. Since it's just a stone's throw away (almost.. in Japan's terms, as Japan's really huge and to get to places, I'll need at least 1 hour.), I decided that I just have to join the Gundam craze.

Gundam at Odaiba

Occasionally, the statue's eyes will light up, and smoke will be released from the upper body. I heard that at night, the saber (newly added for the Shizuoka's installation) will lit up, too. Nevertheless, I didn't stay for the night view though.

After photo-taking of the 18m statue, I visited the Hobby Fair, situated in front of the statue. For adults, the ticket costs 600 yen; for children, the ticket costs 200 yen. At the Hobby Fair, toys from 1960s were on display, too. Mmm.. this reminds me of the Mint Museum in Singapore.

Displays by hobbyists caught my eye though. These are very intricate models created. Look at the settings for the Gundam models, they're very detailed. I wonder how long they take to complete one?

Wanna catch the life-size Gundam, too? It will be on display till 27 March 2011. Admission is free, except for the Hobby Fair.

If you're interested, you can buy the Gundam models and other related toys at the Bandai's retail shop there, too.

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