Nov 13, 2010

How is evaluation carried out for JETs?

*Disclaimer: The following is a documentation of my own experience. I do not know if it is unique to only my base school/ perfecture though. Hence it is only for reference; ESID (Every Situation Is Different).

Q: When is evaluation?
A: For my school, it is typically done in November.

Q: What is the process like?
A: First, I would need to do a self evaluation report. It is a questionnaire to rate my work performance, in various aspects, on a scale of 1 to 5.

Here are some topics covered:
  • Lesson planning
  • Execution of lessons
  • Relationship with colleagues
  • Relationship with students
  • Interest in Japan and Japanese language
Second, there will be a classroom observation session. This applies for all other teachers as well. For the Japanese teachers, all have to conduct one/ two session(s) in a year and attend 2 other teachers' sessions in a year.

For my classroom observation, 7 teachers came. They include my principal, my 2 vice-principals, Head of English Department and 3 other teachers (not necessarily English teachers).

Third, there will be a appraisal session with the principal, vice-principal and the Head of English Department. During the session, the principal shared with me their scores for me (remember the self-evaluation questionnaire? They have to do the same one.) and also some comments for me.

Q: Any other tips?
A: Inevitably, the topic of whether you will stay on the second year will surface. So, do be prepared for it.

updated on 31 Dec 2010

Q: Are there evaluations by students?
A: Yes. This is not applicable for all schools though. I asked around, and my peers don't seem to have this exercise. But for my school, all teachers have to undergo evaluation by our students. It not only evaluates the teacher's lessons but also the student's learning inclination towards the subject as well. Students will give grades A, B, C or D on various aspects of the lessons.

I like this initiative. My students are mostly the quiet, reserved, shy lot, so I can't really tell a lot from their facial expressions, apart from them enjoying the activities, and their examination scores. I read through every evaluation slip from my 350+ students and gained lots of feedback, and of course a great deal of encouragement as well.

This is a good avenue for shy students who dare not stay behind class to speak to me, nor confident enough to drop a note in my mailbox, but to share their feedback via the official channel, where everyone is doing the same.