Aug 28, 2010

I'm a Newbie Bookworm in Japan

If you're a bookworm like me, then probably you would have been looking out for bookstores. There is usually a bookstore in a huge shopping mall. But the collection of English books is either small (only 1-3 shelves) or totally non-existent.

Other than surviving on your own collection of books which you've brought from home, here are 2 other options:

Yup, I'm now a proud member of a local library!

Books I've borrowed

Signing up is really simple. Just approach any counter staff, and fill up an application form and pass her your Alien Registration Card. It will be completed within minutes.

The borrowing allowance is generous, especially if you compared to Singapore's. I can borrow up to 12 books/magazines and a maximum of 3 AV materials, including CDs, videos and DVDs for 15 days!

Compared to Singapore, I can borrow up to 6 books/ magazines and 2 music scores/ AV materials for up to 21 days. Mmm.. this have been revised and increased. I remember that the maximum of items before this was only 4 books, and no AV materials for basic membership.

And there are English and Chinese books! :)

You can request for inter-library loan too, by requesting for the book you want to be picked up at your nearest branch.

Rental/ Buying Second-hand Books
I've visited a Book-Off store today. Book-Off offers buying and selling of second-hand books, CDs and DVDs. Books include manga, too! Some books are going as cheap as 105yen per book/manga. I found some manga sets which are going for 250yen per set! There were 4/5 books in a set. Mmm.. but I can't find any English books though. :(

If you like reading mangas, there are options to rent them as well. Alternatively, I read the mangas at the onsen- 風と月, during my sauna sessions. :)