Jun 8, 2009

I Love Sunsets!

Thanks for the recent photography trips, I was able to capture the moments of sunset at different locations, all in Singapore. I love the orange hue of sunrises and sunsets, especially on how they transform the blue skys and white/ grey clouds to shades of orange and red. However, I am not an early-riser, so sunrises are pretty much out-of-bounds to me, and thus, I have to rely on sunsets to witness these wonderful colour-transformation by nature.

Some sunsets are caught at pure accidental moments, such as this picture which was taken during the Southern Ridge walk:

A peek at sunset through canopy of leaves using my 3x zoom.

And some are a race of time:

Stadium Bridge at Kallang with the sunset rays in the background. A beautiful sight.

The rush to the top of the twin pagodas before the sun sets in the Chinese Garden.

And for some others, it was a long wait for the sunset- at Changi Boardwalk, which is also the most beautiful of all, as you can watch the complete sunset without any obstructions. The sun looks like an egg yolk from here.

Here's how to get to Changi Boardwalk (one of the landmarks is Changi Sailing Club, thus the map below):

Can't get enough of the sunset shots? Check out my facebook album.

See ya at the next sunset!