Aug 2, 2010

What's it like at the Tokyo Orientation?

Today's the 1st day of the orientation. I will add on to this post as I discover other interesting points along the orientation. Today also marks the start of the JET contract- our 1st day of work. :)

Our accommodation is at Keio Plaza. JETs will be split into double or triple rooms. We were informed of our roommates when we register at the hotel.

Remember to fill up your JET Accident Insurance form and bring it along for the Tokyo Orientation. It will be collected on the way to the hotel.

JET conference is conducted in unconference style, somewhat like barcamps. There will be some sessions which are compulsory, such as the opening ceremony, keynote speeches or ALT/ CIR specific sessions. For the rest of the sessions, mostly organised by AJET, are conducted in barcamp style. For 1 session, there are about 6 different workshops being carried out simultaneously.

On the day of arrival, you will be given the Tokyo Orientation booklet, which includes the schedule for the next 3 days. It is advisable that you review the schedule and choose the workshops you will like to attend the night before, so that you can get to all the workshops of your choice (some popular ones are oversubscribed) and not be lost (since there are a few venues).

As there will be a lot of JET participants, it's can be quite challenging to catch the lift in time for the next venue, especially for the start of the day. Do remember to put aside time for "lift commute". We had to take a lift up first before managing to get to our level which is actually on lower floors. The lifts were too crowded.

On the last night, we ended with dinner with the Embassy of Singapore in Japan. :)
Missed the sg company!

Have fun at the JET Orientation!