Apr 12, 2009

First Malacca Getaway

I'm back from my first weekend getaway, Malacca. Actually, we touched down yesterday evening :P But it's never too late to blog, right?

It's like a photography trip gone overseas; it feels like we've just shifted our Sunday photoshoot to Malacca. We spent loads of time at one scene, and I continued to pick unexpected objects (they are fairly common in Singapore too) to shoot and spend lots of time to perfect the shoot, just like what I would do in the Singapore photoshoots:

Now for some Malacca-unique pictures:

And, of course, some other treasures unearthed in this Malacca trip:

1. Lucky photoshot of birds in their formation
I caught this scene outside the Christ Church Melaka. And it has the sunset as the background :D

2. Sunrise shots, with a star (literally, I mean)
Spot the star in this shot which I took at 6.30am from our hotel room.

And another shot from the same location at 7am-ish:

Sidetrack: All 4 of us, Victor, Huishan, Vincent and me have uploaded our pictures, and looking through, it's interesting to note the differences in our styles. The same object, the same structure, yet different perspectives, angles, lightings, tones - style.

Well, I'll leave the analysis to Darran, and of course, you, to judge.

3. The wonderful chendol from Jonker 88 in Jonker Street
It has malt sugar, besides the usual coconut milk, and huge black beans, instead of red beans which Singapore's chendol has. Very delicious! *Yummy*

Sidetrack: On the other hand, we received very poor service at 麦哥娘惹餐馆, we were literally shoo-ed out of the shop. The shop was full and the waiting customers had no queue to wait at, they hovered around tables. Finding us an obstacle, they chased us out, and placated us by saying they will keep a seat for us should we return 1/2 hour later, which we were highly skeptical about. Should you want to try 麦哥, avoid the meal hours. It would do the shop much good, if they just advised the customers to queue outside the restuarant, like what other eateries do. Start a queue system. It works. Why lose potential customers when you can keep it?

4. On a personal note- My first mobile plurk! Thanks, Victor.
All of us decided to have our tea break of donuts at Big Apple, as there's free wifi. And that's where I had my first try at plurking-on-the-go. :P

And of course, finally, a big THANK YOU to our guide: Victor.
Thanks for the bookings, acting as a tour guide (He memorised the routes! We went without maps 99% of the time) and showing the makan places, shopping places and treats.