Sep 26, 2010

Craft Fair at Lake Hamanako

Luckily, I heard from Ashley about the Craft Fair a day before meeting my colleagues at Hamanako Garden Park. It was an eye-opener! There were so many stalls and so many different kinds of crafts. In fact, there were 325 stalls in all!

I didn't have time to visit all though :(

Here's a sneak preview at some of the crafts.

Wooden windmill. Similar to our Chinese custom, turn the opposite direction to change your luck.

I would love to get one for my house. Both in Japan and at home, in Singapore.

They were all handmade and of really great quality. (But a tad too expensive for me :( Really liked some of the glassware and accessories, but didn't buy in the end. Ay...

Mmm.. I think if I were just a tourist, I would have probably packed quite a few items back. Somehow living here just feels so different.

Besides browsing around and admiring at the handiwork, you can have a picnic here, too, as there are many food stalls to choose from. Otherwise, you can try making your own crafts, like glassware, leather keychain, woodcraft and metal craft. :)

I tried woodcraft- making a wooden hanging ornament. It's cheap! It only costs 500yen and all materials are provided.

1. Choose the wooden sign, which shape do you want?

2. Choose the design on the wooden sign.

3. A hanko of the chosen design will be stamped on the wooden sign.

4. The staff will patiently teach you how to create a nice sepia wooden ornament using the electric pen.

5. Practise on the small wooden plank given. If the pressure is too light, the colour will be too faint; yet if the pressure is too hard, it will end up in dots.

6. Carefully, trace the outlines with the electric pen, and then proceed to shading.

And it's done! Not perfect, but I am very satisfied with my first woodcraft.


I wanna visit next year's! This time, I want to finish browsing all stalls!