Jun 5, 2011

Sugar goodness from Sugarpot

By far, I think I have been spending more time at Sugarpot, a cafe which I have just discovered recently, than my most fave cafe, Milou.

Here's why...

Found out the reason? Yes... the cakes are so yummilicously cute! 超可愛い!

The chef's recommendation is:

Depending on seasons, there different flavours for the teddy bear puffs. This is the orange flavoured one, during winter. I have tried the strawberry flavoured one in spring too. (^^)

Different from Milou, Sugarpot specialises more in cakes. There are a greater variety of cakes in the cafe. Tarts are more common at Milou.

Another reason why I started to take fondness in Sugarpot, is because it is quieter. I loved the ambience there. Milou is nice too, especially being surrounded by the sweet aroma of cakes and tarts. But Milou is near the train station, hence there is a lot of human traffic. There are days when I can't get a seat, and the variety of options available are not many as many buy them as takeaways.

So... I started to spend lazy afternoons more often at Sugarpot. My typical afternoon tea will include rose tea (I highly recommend this! I don't quite like the iced hibiscus tea though) and a piece of cake which catches my eye that day.

Do You Know?
The sound system they used in the cafe is Bose! Gosh.. High end sound systems!

Sugarpot is a house by itself, whereby the first floor is a cafe. You can also buy cakes and cookies as takeaways. The second floor is a baking school. Mmm.. the lessons are too expensive for me, so I didn't enroll myself. Besides, I think I prefer cooking to baking. I'll leave baking to the professionals. :P

By the way, the lady boss is really sweet! The first time I went to Sugarpot, it started to drizzle after I have eaten, so I hurriedly paid to leave, since I cycled there. She trailed after me with a piece of rag, and helped me wiped my bicycle seat dry before I rode off. So considerate! Most definitely, this level of service will never be seen in Singapore.

Sugarpot is a little inaccessible though, since it is not near any stations nor bus stops. Probably that explains why they have more baking students (usually housewives) than walkin-customers. :(