Jun 11, 2011

Yarn Bombing!

Today is International Yarn Bombing Day! It is kinda of like 'guerilla bombing' the town with yarn crafts.

It also marks my virgin yarn bombing experience... mmm... well not exactly... haha.. as I didn't prepare any crafts to yarn bomb, but pretty much just tagged along the group. :P

Together, we yarn bombed Hamamatsu, starting from Hamamatsu station.

This is our favorite! 似合うね!

Then we walked to the park near 遠州病院 and started a series of yarn bombs.

We dropped about 3 yarn bombs here I think :P

And.. next on our way to Hamamatsu Castle...

What's real and what's not? *shrugs*

Our last stop...

With that, we ended our yarn bombing expendition. Wah... I have not covered so much of Hamamatsu in a day on foot! Now I know Hamamatsu town is actually not as big as I thought actually. Between 3 akaden stations, the distance is pretty walkable, and Hamamatsu Castle is actually not that far from Hamamatsu town.