Jan 10, 2011

My fave cafe in Japan - Milou

Decided to start a series of food reviews during my stay in Japan. Probably will only blog those which left a deep impression with me. So, let's start with the first one, my favourite cafe.

Why do I love Milou?
The cakes and tarts!

They serve cakes, desserts, tarts, cookies and also drinks such as coffee and tea, both hot and cold. They offer oolong tea, and other flower teas as well. :)

The next thing I love about Milou is the ambiance. It is a nice cozy cafe, a house by it's own. It has a little garden in front of it. I love to sit at a corner, enjoying the comfort of the armchairs, and admiring the potted flowers from the full-length window.

When I feel down, I will visit Milou. I spent my most homesick afternoon here in Milou. The day when I am just back from my homecoming holiday.

Where is Milou?

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