May 28, 2011

Do you know there's a teddy bear museum in Japan?

Teddy bears! For the longest time, I have been wanting to visit a teddy bear museum, especially the one in Jeju, because... of Goong, the Korean drama. That was love at first sight for me, with the kawaii teddy bears dressed as my favorite korean drama characters.

Though I have yet to visit the teddy museum in Jeju, nor the 4 or 5 others in Seoul (there are really many teddy bear museums in Korea!), by coincidence, I stumbled upon a teddy bear museum in Japan, Takayama 高山, and would love to share this wonderful little hut of happiness with all teddy bear lovers outta.

Tucked in a little corner in Takayama, 飛騨高山テディベアエコビレッジ Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village, is located in a traditional 150-year-old 合掌造り (Gassho constructed) wooden house.

Besides housing antique bears...

I didn't know that wood shavings were used as stuffing then...

There are many exhibits with various themes like, the Japanese theme:

wedding theme...

Bears in traditional Japanese wedding kimono

Make a wish!

and of course the main theme... eco... protecting earth:

and many many others....

I am sleepy... zzz...

This is probably one of the less beaten tracks in Takayama. Most would have covered the old town, morning markets, Shirakawa Village 白川郷... So if you would like to explore Takayama a little more, try this route instead. Near the teddy bear museum are other tourist attractions like the Folk Village, the Seven Gods 飛騨開運乃森大七福神...

There are 2 famous morning markets, 宮川朝市 and 陣屋前朝市, from 6am to 12nn everyday.

白川郷 in early autumn. It is very picturesque in winter. The postcards will testify that. I have yet to see it layered with snow though...


So... some basic details about 飛騨高山テディベアエコビレッジ Hida Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village:

How much does it cost?

  • Adults: 600yen
  • High School students: 500
  • Elementary and Junior High School students: 400
  • Free for all other even younger kids :)

Visit the Takayama Tourist Centre right in front of the Takayama station to get a coupon with 100yen discount off admission tickets.

How to get there?

Take the さるぼぼバス Sarubobo Bus from the Takayama Bus Terminal (right next to the Takayama station). Alight at the 飛騨の里下 (Hida no Sato) bus stop. The museum is just right across it.

It costs 200yen per ride. You can also buy a day pass for 600yen, or a package at 900yen which includes a day pass with the Hida Folk Village entrance ticket.

Enjoy your date with the teddies! :)