Nov 2, 2008

1st Podcamp Experience

I went to Podcamp v2.0 yesterday
that's my 1st time at podcamp, an unconference
(I'm still trying to understand the concept of unconference - that's my first too :P)

I went primarily for the podcasting bit
as I am working on a podcast - NutriLine Podcast
and a possibly new podcast
coming soon... (next FY?)
Tech65 presented on their podcast experience - 65bits
It was pretty insightful
There was a lively discussion
on content, how to deliver, how to get listeners participation, how they kept it going, etc
And they recorded their 95th episode there
live recording!
waiting for their latest episode on that :)

Some other notable bits:
Melvin's sharing on the boliao bits which made it big due to social media
literally boliao...
like this story:
whereby a guy documented live on ustream
when his obama signs were stolen repeatedly, he decided to put up a webcam to watch over his signs
and that was streamed live 24/7 on ustream
and surprisingly
it created CHAOS (Citizens Hanging Around Obama Sign)
with their own wiki entry!

And Walter's sharing on
how it grew from an experiental blog to a successful blog supported by heritage enthusiasts

And a lively discussion on engagement of bloggers & blogger ethics by Brian
Remembered this line vividly:
"Reputation begets authority, and translates to influence"
And of course, in turn agencies will look for these popular and reputable bloggers for engagement purposes- to influence!

And the last to share:

The future of our phones?
I am particularly fascinated by the last bit
The part of capturing the hand when he points

It was an interesting experience... attending my 1st Podcamp
Mmm.. but I prefer Social Media Breakfast though...
My first SMB - SMB4

Yup, that's my newbie update on Podcamp!

For a very comprehensive live blogging account on Podcamp V2.0, check out Claudia's blog)

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