Nov 7, 2008

One Minute Writer

I was browsing through the "Blogs of Note"
and came across "One Minute Writer"
It's a pretty interesting blog,
it gives a topic each entry
and encourages readers to spend a minute or less
to write a very short entry as a comment to the entry.
It reminded me of a competition
which my fellow volunteer mate told me about weeks ago
which she participated and managed to get through the final rounds.

This novel contest was similar to this blog's idea too.
There'll be a topic each round
and the writers are suppose to write on that topic,
and from these repeated rounds of different topics,
they pick the winner.

Mmm.. but somehow I can't seem to remember what's the site is called...

I'll share on one of the stories from "One Minute Writer" under the topic "Strangers" instead:

My daughter Molly will be 2 in January.
One of her favorite things to do is mimic fire trucks (she's very convincing, too!)
One day she was doing it on the subway train on the way home, to my consternation (and, I think, that of most other people on the train).
When we got off, one lady came up to me and said,
"Your daughter is adorable. Seeing a kid like that can make the worst day better."
Well, that lady made my day better!
- beckiwithani

That story also brought a smile to my face,
and made my day better :)

Happiness gets doubled when shared :)

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