Nov 8, 2008

1st Live Blogging Exp @Breathe

We tried live blogging at Breathe yesterday night during the launch of Breathe.

It was a first for me,
though technically, I am not the blogger,
but as part of the team:
running as a "paparazzi" and photo uploader,
anyway it was as much fun :)

The "paparazzi" bit reminded me of the last event I covered
which was also at Padang.
That was the announcement of the YOG results.

Nevertheless, it's really quite an experience,
think I've become quite apt at selecting photos,
enhancing, cropping, resizing and uploading to flickr,
after the night of training.

Here're some sneaks:

I've missed milo from milo trucks terribly after I left school.
Milo from milo trucks to me is always associated to sports, as every sports day, there'll be milo truck to look forward to.
I was so glad to spot one at the event!


Jadyn said...

ooh nice blog!

QQ said...

:) hehe... visit more ah...