Nov 14, 2008

"It's only for now"

QQ takes the que from Avenue Q!
The singing phrase "it's only for now"
is stuck in my head :)

It's really a great musical!
I totally enjoyed my 2hrs @ Esplanade
Really glad that my colleague 'chio-ed' me for this musical

You can find bits and pieces of you in the musical
that's probably what attracts me most
and of coz, not forgetting that
it's very entertaining
with how they bring the Ah-Q spirit
or the inclusion of controversial adultish topics
using light-hearted, catchy tunes
(that stay in your head. Be warned.)

Right from the first song
It had caught my attention
(Go watch to find out what it is :P)

And of coz...
it couldn't have ended better
"It's only for now"

So apt!

Hahahaa :D

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