Jun 20, 2014

Managed to get your hands on the first 嵐 event in Singapore?

Arashi 嵐, my favourite JPop group, is finally coming to Singapore... on the big screen.

Nevertheless, this is the first time Johnny's has held an 嵐 event in Singapore.

"I hope the Shaw server can take the traffic..."

And then the battle for the tickets for the public screening for 嵐ワクワク学校 (Arashi Waku Waku Gakkou) starts this afternoon.

12.01pm logged on to Shaw Website.
- keeps hanging, keeps refreshing -
12.20pm managed to select seats.
12.21pm OMG! I was kicked out by the system! I was already at the payment stage!!!
12.24pm Keep refreshing. 嵐ワクワク学校 page is not appearing.

Verdict... 嵐ワクワク学校 tickets sold out in 24 minutes?!

***Fortunately, Lady Luck was smiling upon my two friends... 托他们的福,我也得了一票!***

Wonder if Shaw will add another screening? It is really lucrative. A theatre's worth of $50 each tickets sold within half an hour.

Wonder what the battlefield will be like if 嵐 ever has an event in person in Singapore. Will the tickets be sold in seconds regardless of price???

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to watching 嵐 on the big screen! :D 楽しみ!

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