Jun 13, 2014

Cafe Hopping in Malaysia ~ Cozy in the Rocket

Have you heard of "Amelie Cafe" in Penang? The hole in the kind type of cafe which oozes raw and rustic vibes.

Photo credit to Clauds Wu :)

The husband-and-wife team of "Amelie Cafe" has replaced "Amelie Cafe" with "Cozy in the Rocket", which is also in the neighbourhood.

Actually the encounter with "Amelie Cafe's" successor was purely by chance. 2 years later when I revisit Penang, I very much wanted to bring my parents to "Amelie Cafe", to show them her unique character. And of course, their desserts!

When we finally came to Lebuh Armenian, we were already tired, sweaty, and craving for some shelter. Exploring by foot in George Town during noon is no feat!

And I came across a cafe which reminds me of "Amelie Cafe". A little raw, with the handwritten signages, and yet cozy. However, "Cozy in the Rocket" is bigger, is air-conditioned, and ... the landmark plants decorating the shopfront are missing. Nevertheless, we went in...

Eh... the picture of the dog! I think I saw it before somewhere!

And it is.. it was in "Amelie Cafe", 2 years back:

Photo credit to Clauds Wu :)

But then I didn't know it was "Amelie Cafe's" successor yet. And I ordered a range of food for us - Mango and Passion Fruit juice, 100 plus canned drink, Aglio Oglio Spaghetti, Pork Spareribs Spaghetti and Coconut Panna Cotta. Everything costs us about RM90 odd. The pasta were a hit for my parents, though they are usually not keen on western cuisine. And the dessert Coconut Panna Cotta was a major hit amongst us.

Aglio Oglio Spaghetti: Bacon strips were still crispy. Yums!

Pork Spareribs Spaghetti: Very generous with their homemade bolognese sauce.

Coconut Panna Cotta: Truly 入口即化! Slurps!

If I knew "Cozy in the Rocket" was "Amelie Cafe's" successor, I would have made desserts my mains!

I went on a weekday afternoon, and it was only the husband-and-wife team on duty. One in the kitchen, one in the hall. So... be patient. Enjoy the air-con while waiting for your order :)

Oh ya... they have improved a lot on their toilet facilities as well. No longer was it dim and dark. It is now located out of the air-con premises, and has two cubicles, all clean, bright and cheery. :)

Cozy in the Rocket
262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, Penang.

"Cozy in the Rocket" is easy to locate it as it is next to the street art lane, and there are many popup stalls along that street now. So.. go with the crowd :)

Opening Hours:
11am - 4pm, Closes on Mondays

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