Aug 3, 2013

Filming Sites of "After-Dinner Mysteries" 「謎解きはディナーのあとで」の撮影場所

Not enough of "After-Dinner Mysteries 謎解きはディナーのあとで (Nazotoki wa dina no atode)"? Then, catch up on the making of the movie:

「映画 謎解きはディナーのあとで」公開記念!“謎解きはディナーのまえに”!?in シンガポール... by PModel

Still not enough? Why not (re-)visit the places that the filming took place?

Marina Bay Sands

Opening scenes with Marina Bay Sands (MBS).
最初は Marina Bay Sands (MBS)の撮影です。

In the day, like in the movie...
昼の MBS、映画のような…

At night, MBS lights up...
夜の MBS も素敵ね…

Probably, the first time that MBS is featured on Japan national television, would be the Softbank ad which starred SMAP:
多分この SMAP が参加するの Softbank CM は MBS が日本テレビをデビューのときでした。

Yup, MBS is the one with the infinity pool.
そうです、あのすごいプールは MBS にあります。

Packed with lavish hotel suites, loads of shops and eating options, theatre, even a museum, MBS has it all. It is also one of the best locations to observe fireworks displays for locals.

How to get there? アクセスは?

Take the MRT to Bayfront Station. You won't miss the exits to MBS. (Yeah, there's more than one exit to MBS)
地下鉄(MRT という乗り物)を乗って、 Bayfront 駅まで。 MBS 入り口は一とつだけではない。見つけるは簡単だ。

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Superstar Virgo

And of course, the main filming site, the Superstar Virgo, luxurious ship. Like 北川景子 has described, it's like an island by itself.
もちろん、大部撮影がとるの場所は Superstar Virgo です。北川景子と言ったとおり、あの船は島みたいだ。いろな設備があります。

How to book? 予約は?

Book via the Star Cruises website.
Star Cruises ウェブサイトで予約ができます。

P.S: I have yet to try out any Star Cruise ride, do let me know how it was!

Merlion Park

How can we forget Merlion, the icon of Singapore?

P.S: The above advertisment never fails to tickle me. :P

Merlion Park is located at the heart of Singapore, near many tourist attractions such as MBS, the Singapore Flyer, Singapore River. Unfortunately when the crew was filming the K-Lion ceremony scene, the Merlion was under renovation, as 椎名桔平 has shared in the making-of-the-movie video. Seriously, in all my life as a Singaporean, I have only seen the Merlion being boarded once, in my own eyes, and that was for the Art Installation of the Merlion Hotel. Hence, it is actually pretty lucky for the crew to see the Merlion-on-holiday, as it's very rare!

Merlion Park はシンガポールの中心であって、近くはいろな観光名所があります。例えば MBS とか Singapore Flyer とか Singapore River があります。一年前、 K-Lion の式を撮影のとき、Merlion が修復工事をしました。椎名桔平も特集で残念の気持ちを伝われました。でも、シンガポール人の私も、一回だけMerlionの休み中の姿が見ました。あれは、日本人アーティストの西野達氏のシンガポールビエンナーレの参加作品- Merlion Hotel の立った時だけです。だから、 Merlion の休み中の姿が見えれることもらーキと思いませんか?すこく、珍しいだから。

How to get there? アクセスは?
Take MRT to Raffles Place MRT, and use Exit H.
地下鉄(MRT という乗り物)を乗って、Raffles Place 駅まで。H 出口を使ってください。

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Water Taxi Along Singapore River

Can't forget the "I'm flying!" scene from "After-Dinner Mysteries"? Here's your chance to try it yourself on the water taxi, which cruises along the Singapore River. Soak in the cityscape view as you romance with your partner.

あの「謎解きはディナーのあとで」の"I'm flying!"シンが忘れない?じゃあ、今回は Singapore River に water taxi の上で自分でやって見ましょう!ロマンの時も、シンガポールの景色をたっぶり見ましょう。

How to book? 予約は?
Book via the Singapore River Cruise website.
Singapore River Cruise ウェブサイトで予約ができます。

Raffles Hotel

Lastly, the filming site for the ending scene, Raffles Hotel. Seems like 桜井翔 and other casts have stayed here during their movie shoot too.
最後の撮影場所は Raffles Hotel です。桜井翔とほかのカスト皆さんはあそこ泊まれたらしい。

Do not forget to visit the Hall of Fame when you are there. 桜井翔's photograph is also displayed there!
Raffles Hotel へ行ったとき、あそこの Hall of Fame も行ってみよ。桜井翔の写真もあそこで飾れました。

How to get there? アクセスは?

Take MRT to City Hall MRT, and use Exit A.
地下鉄(MRT という乗り物)を乗って、City Hall 駅まで。A 出口を使ってください。

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And that concludes the "After-Dinner Mysteries" Tour. Hope to see you in Singapore!

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