Sep 1, 2013

Finding Japan in Singapore ~ Makan trail ~ Udon 2

You might already know, the first udon stall that brought me memories of Japan in Singapore is already closed down. (=_=)

But not to worry, I have spotted the second one. This one came with a big splash, it even have a news coverage on Channel News Asia:

Brought from the land of udon, Kagawa Prefecture, Tamoya is famous for her sanuki udon, characterised by its squarish shape with flattened sides.

Just like any other udon stall in Japan, first you choose how you want your udon to be done (with soup? which type- kake (golden broth) or bukkake (thicker shoyu soup)? curry? hot or cold?)

Then pick a size. Regular? Large?

Next choose the sides to go with your udon. Mostly deep-fried though. They now offer kitsune (sweet beancurd skin) too, as a rare non-deep-fried item. You can have an onigiri too, if you're really hungry.


Go for their tempura prawn. Worth the $2.50. And if you order an additional egg, do note it is a raw egg, not a half boiled one that you usually get in Japan.

Now go for the free toppings and sides like extra soup, tempura sauce, more crunchy tempura bits, cut spring onions, even grated ginger or tapioca for your sauce.


Go for the Chinatown Point outlet, they have way more free toppings. (omg.. even umeboshi (preserved plum)?!)

And tada... my kake udon... All these for just $8.90?! I could have added more toppings if I wanted.

Trying out other toppings on another occasion:

Tamoya now has 2 outlets in Singapore, one in Liang Court and the other newly opened one in Chinatown Point. I've tried both, and both at non-peak hours. At 5 plus or 6 in the evening. Definitely before the dinner crowd. Because it is during non-peak hours, the deep-fried items tend to lose its crispyness and that is quite evident in the Liang Court branch. Hence, during non-peak hours, it is best to order tempura prawns, which they will deep-fry fresh for you.

Personally, I like my kake broth. Just the right tinge of saltiness and dashi.

There you go, authentic udon experience in Singapore.


133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point SC B1#48-49

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177 River Valley Road
Liang Court SC #01-32
Singapore 179030

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