Jan 16, 2011

八扇の湯 vs あらたまの湯

Today, I shall compare my experiences at 2 onsens in Hamamatsu, 浜松. They are pretty similar though,
  • Both are at tips of 浜松. 八扇の湯 is at the southern tip and あらたまの湯 is at the northern tip.

  • Both have access to public buses. They are the final stops for their respective public buses.
  • Both have vending machines selling Meji milk. Yummy. Meji milk in glass bottles after onsen is always great.

Personally I prefer 八扇の湯 though, as the outdoor pool is bigger and prettier. :P

Basically, they have the same system:

First, you place your shoes in the locker. You will need a 100yen coin for this.

Second, pay for a ticket at the vending machine or at the counter. You may purchase a towel for an extra cost.
  • 八扇の湯- it costs 900yen for an adult. 200yen extra for a towel.
  • あらたまの湯- it costs 600yen for 1 entry. 1000yen for a day, which includes bath towel, face towel, etc.

Third, you place your belongings in a larger locker. You will need coins for this too.

Lastly, change, shower and onsen time!

They have the basic pools- indoor pool, jacuzzi pool and outdoor pool. あらたまの湯 has a small sauna room, though which 八扇の湯 doesn't. 八扇の湯 has a much bigger outdoor pool made of rocks. あらたまの湯 outdoor pool, really is an open-air, sheltered pool that faces the garden. On this point, I prefer 八扇の湯's outdoor pool.

Size wise, あらたまの湯 is a bigger onsen facility than 八扇の湯 though.

And here's what I like best- milk after onsen. Both onsens offer the vending machines for Meiji's milk.

After your onsen experience, you can choose to have your lunch, or massage at the onsen as well. These are additional charges though. I had my massage today via the 100-yen-for-10minute massage via the massage chair. It wasn't bad though. :P A much cheaper option compared to a 2000yen massage (not sure of the length of time) by a masseur.

To get there:
あらたまの湯- take the Hamamatsu bus. You can take it from Hamakita station 浜北駅.

八扇の湯- take the Entetsu bus number 1 (bus schedule from Hamamatsu Bus Terminal, only those that are circled). If you board from Hamamatsu Bus Terminal, it is at the number 7 berth.

Outside 八扇の湯.