Jan 17, 2011

Maybe I wished for too much snow?

Woke up this morning, and had a big surprise. There is about 1-2cm of snow in my area. Very rare for a place where snow doesn't stick, it usually gets blown about in the strong winds and melts before it reaches ground.

Taken at 6am.

Then, happily, humming a little tune, I cycled to my bus-stop. On the way, I saw a pair of parents excitedly taking a video of their son scraping ice off their car, and at another house, a little snowman was built on a car. Some Hama neighbours are enjoying the snow as much as I did. That was nice to know.

Then... at the bus stop, we waited for the bus. Waited and waited. 20ish minutes passed. This was unusual. Buses are usually on time, never beyond 1-2 minutes late. And I kept hearing ambulance sirens; there were accidents nearby.

Some of the passengers who were waiting patiently like me, started to call the bus company. Services were late. That's what we were told. Next, I called my special school too. (Today's my monthly visit.)

And yes, services were postponed due to snow. Accidents had occurred this morning. Hama residents are not prepared for snow, their cars are not equipped with the special chain tyres. Many of them were driving exceptionally slowly, for fear of skidding. Some cars were emitting weird noises from their engines as well.

Actually, while I cycled, I almost skidded as well. It is best to cycle on the snow, rather than the road, cause it had frozen.

Mmm... the unexpected snow in Hama today is like what my colleague had described to me. She told me about 10 years ago, Hama had snow, somewhat like today's, and everyone had a mini panic, and many were late for work.

Meanwhile, the wait continues. I am still waiting for instructions from my school...