Nov 8, 2010

A Day at Nagoya

Driven by my craving of Nagoya's tebasaki 手羽先, I decided to make a day-visit to Nagoya, the nearest city from my place. One-way trip from my place to Nagoya costs about 2000yen, via local train, akaden and JR, hence it was one of my most affordable trips. (The last trip to Izu cost 6000+yen one-way.)

As it was only a day-trip, Serene and I only managed to cover 2 scenic spots and 2 makan places, and of course, we had some shopping done.

It was really nice to get away from our houses and go to a huge city once a while. It reminded us very much of Orchard Road on a weekday. With lesser crowds. More city-life like. Ah… I miss home.

To get around Nagoya easily, you can buy the day-pass, ドニチエコきっぷ. It costs 600yen, and allows you to take the sightseeing bus, Meguru, and the subway for free. In addition, you also get discounts on tourist attraction tickets.

ドニチエコきっぷ (donicheko kippu) is a day-pass only available on weekdays, public holidays and Environment Day (8th of every month).

You can buy the pass when you queue for the bus, or at the subway.

First stop for us, or rather for me, is of course, tebasaki lunch! We ate at 風来坊(furaibo).

The chicken wings and drumlets were a bit too dry for me though. I prefer juicier ones.

Gyoza chicken wings. There's gyoza hidden in the chicken wings.

Lucky for us, the weather was great on Culture Day, a public holiday in Japan. The Nagoya Castle looked very majestic against the sunny blue sky. Using the day-pass, we managed to get 100yen discount for our tickets.

Next stop, we went to Nagoya TV Tower, the first TV tower built in Japan. There is an observatory deck where we can access. It is 100m tall.

The timing was just right. The sun was setting when we reached the observatory deck.

And for dinner, we had Misonokomiudon 味噌煮込みうどん at 山本屋本店. Nagoya is famous for its black miso.

But I think I still prefer the normal udon. The udon was a bit too hard for me. The portion was a bit too little for about 1300yen too.

With that, we ended our Nagoya trip, and went home to start our respective days at work the next day. Till the next mini-getaway!