Nov 8, 2010

My First Skype Party

Thanks to Shuyun, for organizing the party, and JLee for booking the venue, my first Skype party materialized!

I have been missing my social network kakis, more affectionately known as the usual suspects/ villagers or simply, my photo gang, since I moved to Japan. The feeling is especially strong on weekends, as we used to hang out on weekends, scouring corners of Singapore, taking pictures. Then we will spend the next few days, uploading photos on facebook, tagging each other and commenting on each other's photos. Those were the days...

There were some logistic challenges though. First, we need to find a time and place to accommodate everyone. Next, we need the equipment. Finally, we need to test if Skype works. With much fiddling, we finally settled for Skype video and MSN talk. The voice transmission for Skype somehow was weak, and my friends could only catch snippets of my conversation. MSN talk was better. However, MSN video somehow did not work for me. I could not see them online, so a combination was the best.

Once again, thanks everyone: Huishan, Darran, Victor, JLee, JNg and Shuyun, for taking time off to skype with me! I really appreciate that! Really miss all my friends and family in Singapore dearly. Can’t wait to be home for a visit!