Oct 30, 2010


Yea.. finally the long wait is over!

I am free! My cast is removed!

The process is a little scary though. The nurse first loosened the tapes at the end. Then, the doctor drew 2 red lines on my cast. The machine they use to cut my cast look like a mini circular saw. They touch it with their fingers to explain and show me that it is not moving when it is switched on, though it has a loud "brr brr" sound which sounds very much like one. It actually cuts with heat. Next, the nurse pried open the casts, and cut the bandage below with a huge scissors.

And yea... I am free!

But not exactly. I will be visiting the hospital again next Friday. And the doctor has advised me not to use my right (injured) hand too much for the next 3 weeks.

Currently, I feel very fragile and naked without my cast actually. It feels very weak, when I try to use my right hand, and I can't bend the right wrist yet, as it hurts.

But, give it another month, I think I can slowly do more normal stuff, and then slowly build up the strength. Guess, I will need to rely on my left hand still.

To end off, here's a comparison of my 2 hands, after the removal of the cast. It is slimmer now! Can you identify it? :P