May 16, 2010

I'm a HipStar

If you're like me, who love snapping random moments with the iPhone (the most convenient camera), you would probably not miss Hipstamatic.

Lately, there are new updates.
I've stumbled upon a tweet on a Hipstamatic contest today. Without that, I would not have notice that there are now new icons within my favourite iPhone application.

For each picture you've taken with iPhone, you can now enter it to the monthly Big Hipstamatic Show.

There are currently 2 contests which you can enter:

The most voted picture, will win. :)

To enter the contest, prepare the following:
  1. Hipstamatic App (Submission of picture will be via this app, so don't clear your prints yet from the Hipstamatic viewer.)
  2. Twitter account (not necessary, but nice-to-have, as it helps to garner more votes)
  3. Flickr account (needed, the picture will be uploaded to Flickr as well.)

And finally... don't forget to vote for my picture! :P
Under the theme "Sunshine and Moonbeams", here's my very coincidental picture of sunset which I took yesterday - Sunset Horizon.

We only have 5 days from the day we submit to gather votes. :)
Hence, vote now, don't hesitate.
Or join in the fun, and be a HipStar, like me. :)