May 16, 2010

Cooking with Mummy

Today's the first proper cooking lesson that I have with Mummy. The cooking lessons that I used to have were home economics lessons, eons ago, when I was still in school. After that I seldom cook. They are pretty much my sporadic attempts at cooking, and are usually one-dish carbos, such as yaki udon and pasta.

Today's different. It's more 'traditional'. More like a dinner setting with the family, with rice and dishes.

The menu for tonight's dinner were chicken rice, with 2 meat dishes and 1 vegetable dish. Mummy would prepare the last vegetable dish while I prepare the rest.

The first dish I tackled, was the chicken rice.
Umm.. this is the first time I cook rice, let alone, chicken rice... haha :D
I took a shortcut though. I used the Asian Gourmet chicken rice paste. It's much more convenient and what's more, it's a healthier choice product too.

Once rice, water and chicken rice paste were added, the rice cooker was set to work, as I prepared the other dishes.

The second dish tackled was tomato-based. Stir-fired with hot dog slices, roast pork, corn, peas, carrots and tomatoes.

The last dish was stir-fried chicken with dark soy sauce, garlic and onions.

Mmm... and 1.5hr later, all the dishes were ready! Yummy!

Not too bad for my first 两菜一饭 attempt, right? :P