Feb 9, 2010

Sunset by Duxton

Have you tried watching the sunset from 50th storey? Moreover, it's from a HDB, public housing flat!

The Pinnacle@Duxton, from the exterior, it really doesn't resemble least bit like a flat. It really looks like a condominium. And it feels like one too, when we tried to access the skybridge.
(And btw, which HDB flat has a microsite to call its own? Learn why Duxton is special here.)

Here's how to get to Pinnacle@Duxton:

First we have to go to the security office office to make payment of $5 using our Easy Link cards, next take the lift to 50th storey, tap your card to enter the gates.

And viola! We have reached our destination.

I really loved the scenery there. As there are altogether 7 blocks all connected by the sky bridge. Hence just by going around the circumference of these 7 blocks, we can really see different sides of Singapore: cityscape, port, low housing - Chinatown area, flats, and even Sentosa! We even saw the mini fireworks that were displayed at the end of the "Songs of the Sea" at Sentosa from Duxton!

It's a really cloudy evening when we visited, hence we didn't get to watch the sun set. However, I managed to get some good shots still.

For more sneaks, pls view my facebook album.

I would love to go back again, for some proper sunset shots.
And if possible, some bubble shots against the sunset.

Somehow, I can't forget the bubbles taken at Chek Jawa, when we climbed the tower then:

Thanks, Victor, for this picture!

Pinnacle@Duxton, I will be back!