Feb 9, 2010

Singapore Airshow 2010

This is my first Airshow... thinking that it will be somewhat similar to the NDP mini airshows we watch every year, with planes doing formations... If you were like me, then, you will probably be disappointed.

There are about 4 displays, and they focused mainly on the capabilities of the planes and the helicopters. These are afterall, trade shows. Getting that into perspective, I started to admire the capabilities of the planes. Like the twirls, upward ascend/ descend, or how quiet the engines are, like the plane below:

This is my fave plane. Very quiet and swift. From US.

After the airshow, we headed to the planes on display. They include some from the US Army.

You can try out at some of the cockpits of the planes on display, but the queues are long. Hence, we passed those and concentrated on the exhibits instead.

With that we ended our first airshow!

And special thanks to Huishan for the tickets! :)