Jan 30, 2010

Barrio Fiesta

Drawn by the Manikako Doll Workshop, YF and I went to explore the Barrio Fiesta at Singapore Art Museum this afternoon, after our usual Salvation Army session.

So.. what's Manikako dolls? I did a brief google search before I went, they seemed to be rag dolls. Mmm.. I haven't did much sewing since I left school (other than cross-stitch, but that doesn't count haha...), so...

Anyway, the setup seems easy, and there are many volunteers/ staff around to ask for help.

And so, the craft starts... There weren't many instructions, as the instructors left us very much on our own to start stitching with our imagination. How do you want your doll to be? An animal? A monster? A human?

I didn't have any in mind, actually.. but inspirations just came rolling, after I did the eyes:

and the dress.. inspiration from the lace!

and the final product.. tada... my first Manikako doll!

And all proceeds of the workshop fee, $5, goes to charities.
The rag doll bodies, as I've heard from the volunteer, are made by laid off workers in Philippines. So, why not head down to SAM tomorrow, to make your own Manikako doll as well?

Next, we tried our hands on the flower ball. They are common decorations which Filipinos make and hang up in their houses during festive occasions.

Very beautiful products from seemingly simple ingredients- crepe papers!



Other parts of the Barrio Fiesta, includes 2 art galleries - "Thrice Upon A Time" and "In the Eye of Modernity". Some sneaks:

I love art installations! :)

In additon, you can collect 2 stamps for viewing these 2 galleries, and use it to redeem a Filipino snack.

Lastly, we ended our afternoon window-shopping at the stalls set up at the entrance of SAM. We especially liked the accessories stalls. :)

There will be a procession at night as well. And the Fiesta is only available for one more day, i.e. tomorrow. Do catch it while it lasts!