Dec 12, 2009

What do you know about AIDS?

A person maybe a HIV carrier, but does not contract AIDS; but a AIDS patient will carry HIV.

Are condoms 100% safe?
Unfortunately, they are not, but having casual sex without condoms is far more dangerous.

Is AIDS airborne?
No, AIDS is not an airborne disease. Horror stories of contraction of AIDS via coughs and sneezes are just works of fiction.

These are just some of the common myths about AIDS.
While we may not know someone who has contracted AIDS, it is important that all of us are informed of the condition.

In conjunction with World AIDS's Day this year, Singapore Idol had a special episode to commemorate the event. The 4 Singapore Idol contestants composed and performed their own songs about strength, spirit and love.

In addition, Jack and Rai have dedicated the song “Pixelated” to World AIDS Day 2009. Learn more about HIV/AIDS to protect yourself and your love ones. And remember- stop the stigma and discrimination- stop looking at HIV/AIDS with pixelated eyes.

And they've performed at the "Your Life, Your Canvas" event.

Thanks to HPB for inviting us to the event!

For more pictures on the Singapore Idol special and "Your Life, Your Canvas" event, take a look at my facebook album.