Dec 14, 2009


Last Sunday, I had the 2nd opportunity to watch a live TV show being recorded. Hence, I immediately jumped on the idea and looked forward to watching the video guys at work. I was rather fascinated by them when I went for my first TV studio a few weeks before to watch the Singapore Idol- World AIDS Day special. I wondered how they know which screen grabs/ angles to use, since there are dozens of cameras at work simultaneously. And the recording is live!

Yup, so there I was, excited about the intricacy of live TV recording.


Little did I expect, that I actually returned rather inspired by the show, 真情无障爱 (The SPD Charity Show). SPD stands for the Society for the Physically Disabled, and this show aims to raise $2.8 million from its flagging donations. Donations has been affected with the poor economy, and SPD's reserve can only last for another 7 months more.

From the show, I start to learn about the various programs that SPD runs. Not only does it offer rehabilitation services, it also offers job opportunities, day care, children and youth services, financial and bursary assistance, etc.

In addition, in the various segments, I was also very touched by the perseverance of the physically challenged friends.

For example:

Eva's and mum's 母女情深. Watching Eva's struggle to put the blocks in place to give her mum a gift on stage.

Yoo Ee Yun, the child pianist from Korea.

She's blind, but has extraordinary music talent. She is able to listen to the tune and play it next. And the amazing thing is: she did not have any formal music training before she plays on the piano. However, she has a sad past, her parents have abandoned her when she's young, but her foster mother loves her a lot. Thus, indeed:
赛翁失马 焉知非福


Can you see Bryan Wong's expression? This is the shot right after they announced the auction amount for his painting which he drew using his mouth. It has raised $40,000.

And of course, the charity show is not complete without star-studded performance from various artistes.

Stefanie Sun

Zoe Tay and Kym Ng.

We were so glad that we managed to reach the target of $2.8 million of funds, after the help of corporate donations. In fact, $3.3 million was raised. Thank you all, for your kind donations!

And thanks, HH, for offering a ticket to this charity show! :)