Dec 12, 2009

Discovering Singapore through SDC

Last Saturday, Huishan, Shuyun, Victor and I joined the blogger excursion to:

This time, instead of uncovering hidden corners of Singapore, we are on the mission to learn more tidbits about Singapore.

Learn about interesting facts on Singapore's history, our very own Singlish, or how to do urban planning, etc via the interactive exhibits at Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC).

Taking a peek through the pinhole.

*I would strongly recommend teachers/parents to bring their students/ children to SDC, it's a much fun way to learn about history, geography and culture.

For girls, who do not need to go through NS life, have a take at the shooting range. I had a try at the SAR21 rifle, (they said that's the one they used in NS), and it's very heavy. There wasn't much rebound though. If you prefer pistol, you can have a shootout using SIG SAUER P226 pistol instead.

If you prefer movie experience, try the SD Theatre for a 4D experience or iWerks for 3D movies. The tickets cost only $7! Compared to up to $13 for a weekend ticket for a 3D movie experience, SDC offers a much better deal! :)

In addition, there is a special exhibition on SG Tidbits 365 – featuring the best kept secrets of Singapore. Share with SDC your best kept secrets and stand to win the iPhone 3GS and other prizes!

Lastly, thanks to Singapore Discovery Centre and 24seven for this guided tour!