Jun 14, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simpler - Lesson 15

From this week onwards, we will touch on the basic particles used in forming Japanese sentences. Today's focus will be on を, which is used to show the object used for the action.

The structure of the phrase will be in this form:
[object] を [action]
[object] o [action]
= [action] [object]

For example:
eat apple = ringo o tabemasu = りんごを食べます

I eat an apple. = watashi wa hitotsu ringo o tabemasu. = 私は一つりんごを食べます。

Other examples:
  • The cat is drinking milk. = neko wa gyunyuu o nonde imasu. = 猫は牛乳を飲んでいます。(gyunyuu = milk)

  • Who is studying Japanese? = dare ga nihongo o benkyou shiteimasu ka. = 誰が日本語を勉強していますか。(benkyou = study)