Jun 28, 2009

A Peek at NDP 2009

I was ecstatic when I knew I received the invite to watch NDP parade, as I've never watched NDP as an audience and yet alone, stepped foot on Marina Floating Platform. Thank you, Claudia and 24seven for offering us, bloggers, a sneak preview at Combined Rehearsal 2 (CR2)!

And here we are, at Marina Floating Platform!

(picture from NDPeeps Photostream)

Bloggers, let's cam-whore!

(pictures from NDPeeps Photostream)

The really beautiful platform set under the rays of the sunset.

After the motivators cheered on the audience and took their positions amongst the audience, I was pleasantly surprised to see my alma mater, Cedar Girls' Secondary School, as part of the welcoming crew for the VIPs and GOHs. And of course, the contingents of uniformed groups, brought back NPCC memories as well! Ah... nostalgic!

There were several surprises for this year's NDP, for example:

I'm all ready to set off. Give me the cue!

Pole-dancing! Clueless? Take a look at Victor's pictures

And the wonderful medleys of pop songs through the decades and old National Day songs! I really loved the medleys! It has been eons since I last heard "It's the Little Things", an NDP song for the 1990s., and was so happy to have the chance to sing along with it at NDP again! I really hoped the medleys will be available for download at the NDP website. Just listening and singing along has brought back many memories of school days, past NDPs, and so on. Totally... nostalgic!

Finally, take a preview of the fireworks at Claudia's blog post. They're animated btw, really cool!

Catch other moments of CR2 via my facebook album

Watching the NDP CR 2 certainly brought back several memories, one of which is my first participation in NDP 2003, as a nurse in a mass formation item. Wonder if you have any recollections?

Feeling excited about NDP 2009? Meanwhile, catch the action of the preparations and rehearsals via NDPeeps and #ndp09.