May 25, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simpler - Lesson 11

Here's another way to express a third party's wants- using がります. In contrast with Lesson 10, which is specific to wanting a particular thing (noun), this lesson will focus on actions.

[3rd person] は [xx expressed in たい-form, without い] がっています。
= [3rd person] wa [xx expressed in tai-form, without i) garimasu.
= [3rd person] want to [xx].
  • He wants to go to Japan = kare wa nihon e ikitagatteimasu. = 彼は日本へ行きたがっています。(nihon = Japan)

  • The child wants to play = Sono ko wa asobitagatteimasu. = その子は遊びたがっています。

*For more information on how to change the verbs to [tai-form], refer to Lesson 6.