May 10, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simpler - Lesson 10

From Lesson 8 to 9, we've learnt how to express our wants. Today, we shall learn how we can form sentences using "hoshii" for third person. Notice that をis used instead of が in terms of particle usage here.

[3rd person] は [noun] を欲しがっています。= [3rd person] wa [noun] o hoshigatteimasu. = [3rd person] want [noun].

  • He wants to have a new bicycle. = kare wa atarashii jitensha o hoshigatteimasu . = 彼は新しい自転車を欲しがっています。(jitensha = bicycle)

  • The child wants a playmate. = Sono ko wa asobitomodachi o hoshigatteimasu. = その子は遊び友達を欲しがっています。(asobitomodachi= playmate)