Apr 12, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simpler - Lesson 6

This time we will learn how to construct sentences expressing our wants. This involves changing the verb into tai-form.

xxx-masu to xxx-tai

For eg:

  • ikimasu (go) -> ikitai (want to go)

  • mimasu (see) -> mitai (want to see)


Here’s the basic form of a sentence expressing a want.

私は [want] [tai-form] です.

  • I want to go to Malacca. = watashi wa mereka he ikitai desu. = 私はメレカへ行きたいです。(メレカ= Malacca.)

  • I want to buy a new bag. = watashi wa atarashii kaban o kaitai desu. = 私は新しいかばんを買いたいです。(atarashii = new).

*[tai-form] is only applicable for first person, ie, I. This is because it is based on the assumption that we do not know what the other person wants, and we only know our own wants.