May 3, 2009

Japanese Language Made Simpler - Lesson 9

Last week, we've learnt on how to use 'hoshii' to express our wants. Today, we shall learn the antonym of 'hoshii' - 'hoshikunai' and how to use it.

私は [noun] が欲しくないです。= watashi wa [noun] ga hoshikunai desu. = I do not want [noun].

  • I do not want to have a birthday party. = watashi wa tanjoubi paatii ga hoshikunai desu. = 私は誕生日パーティーが欲しくないです。(tanjoubi = birthday, paatii = party)

  • I do not want a new dog. = watashi wa atarashii inu ga hoshikunai desu. = 私は新しい犬が欲しくないです。

*The above form is only applicable for first person, ie, I. This is because it is based on the assumption that we do not know what the other person does not want, and we only know what we do not want.