Apr 8, 2009

Beautiful Imperfections

Have you watched this new TVC?

Another of Yasmin Ahmad's production. :) I love her works.
It always touches my heart.

After I first heard her talk at one of the new media seminars which I attended, I immediately went back and googled for her works in Malaysia.

My favourite was:

I liked her very simple thread of thought which is being conveyed through very heartwarming storylines. A single message and a very simple storyline, which is able to touch the hearts of masses. Not easy at all.

This time, there's a social media campaign together by MCYS (Think Family) with the launch of this TVC (the last was Family). There's a facebook competition to find the Beautifully Imperfect Couple. It's pretty interesting to see how the mechanism works and how it ends. It is using the 'like' mechanism of the facebook platform as a voting mechanism. The more people who liked your submission, the higher chance you'll win the contest.

"In the end, it's these little imperfections that made it perfect for you. And to my beautiful children, I hope that one day you too find yourselves life partners who are as imperfect as your father was, to me."
- Quoted from the TVC

Think... family :)