Mar 16, 2009

Pass it on! :)

After one-month break of activities, I am finally back to SALE last Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised to hear of a new collaboration:

A couple has donated money to a Community Centre to start their reading programme for their under priviledged children, and this money would be used to set up a library for the children to borrow and read, and for volunteers to to conduct story-telling sessions.

Where do they buy the books from? Instead of turning to the commerical book stores (first hand/ second hand), they'll be using the funds to buy books from the Salvation Army Family Thrift Shop.

That's killing two birds with one stone! Smart move! The same sum of donation is being used to help 2 charitable organisations :)

I heard from a fellow volunteer-friend, that this is now the trend, using a donation to help a few charitable organisations, passing on the deed. That's really neat!

Pass it on! :)