Mar 22, 2009

Lallang + Supper Club

I spotted a little lallang field on my way to Salvation Army yesterday. It's near Sengkang/ Hougang, a bus stop before Serangoon Secondary School. (You can reach the field via bus number 136 and 62) And throughout the morning, I reminded myself to bring out my camera, make a trip down again, when I am back from my volunteering activity.

However, it rained so the photo trip was cancelled. :(

Nevertheless, I'm very glad that I made a very spontaneous move to get up early this morning to visit the little lallang field to compensate for the unmade trip yesterday.

Here’s why:
Fresh air!
And of course the lallang!

Here are 2 photos I took of the field, but somehow, the feel is very different:

The very temperate feel.

The very tropical feel.

P.S: Be careful, there may be snakes in the field, I was warned by a jogger when I was wading through the tall grass to take a closer shot.

After choosing the better pictures and uploading them to facebook, I hurriedly left for Singapore Photographers 1st Anniversary at Supper Club.

Never realize that photography has so much potential – Fashion photography, Competition photography, photojournalism, etc. The thing that blew me away was probably the macro shots that Natalia Tjandra shared. Wow.. water droplet series.. especially those photos depicting dew on leaves.. clover leaves... :O It does tempt me to get a macro lens LOL. But I heard it costs $1000++, that's way out of budget. :( Maybe if I try hard enough, I can get a good shot among 100 shots using my P&S camera, as compared to maybe 1 good shot out of 2 shots with a DSLR with the macro lens?

And in the end, we ended with an impromptu photoshoot at Supper Club. Some sneaks:

Take a look at the other pictures of my lallang and Supper Club expeditions, via this facebook album. :)